Monday, May 3, 2010

Free Teleclass on The Value of the Enneagram for Spiritual Transformation

In my personal and professional work with the Enneagram, I have found it to be the most insightful tool on understanding the dynamics of the human personality and how particular patterns keep us from becoming the whole person we were designed to be. As a follower of Jesus, I am often asked the questions, "How does the Enneagram fit within the Biblical context?" and "How is it helpful for Christian transformation?" The answers to these questions are the topics of my upcoming teleclass on May 19th. I hope that you can join me. Click on "Register Now" for more information and how to sign up. I look forward to having you on the line!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Welcome! Join me on the Journey!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Be aware of the Boat-Eaters!

While rafting down the Copper River in Alaska, our guide frequently pointed out 'boat-eaters.' These were whirlpools that swirled around and created a vortex which could quickly suck our raft down under, throwing us into the frigid waters where we would survive for only five minutes. These 'boat-eaters' were hard to spot. From a distance they were just swirls of water on the surface and didn't look particularly dangerous. But, the strength with which our guide pulled away from these areas indicated the pending peril if we were caught in the powerful grip of the vortex. He was able to direct our boat so that we could continue on the exciting adventure down the river. We were very grateful for his knowledge and skill, and that he was constantly on the alert.

We all have 'boat-eaters' in our lives... the internal whirlpools that seem fairly harmless, yet draw us down. We have automatic personality patterns that swirl us around and keep us from the purpose and fulfillment for which we were created. These patterns are hard for us to spot on our own. We need guides that can help us become more aware of these troublesome patterns and support us in directing our lives in positive and adventuresome ways.

I am grateful for the many people who have served as guides for parents, my husband, my spiritual mentors, my friends, my teachers. I have benefitted from the value of a Life Coach. The Enneagram has been a very useful tool in pointing out my internal whirlpools. And, most importantly, I have relied on the Divine Guide... the Spirit of Christ in me.

How about you? Are you experiencing internal swirls that throw you off course? Do you need a new guide at this time in your life? The value of my work as a Life Coach and Enneagram teacher is to assist others in noticing their personal 'boat-eaters' and finding new directions along the 'river of life.' Contact me to explore how I might help you navigate your current 'waters.'